5 smart application that must be present in a smartphone

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mobilunik – technology is growing indicates humans are getting smarter and harnessing the advances in technology for the advancement of the nation, this time I will share a smart application that must exist on your smartphone, with this application you will find it easy to do the job much easier and faster to understand something :

5 smart application that must be present in a smartphone:

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is a smart app to learn English on this application will be discussed the basic foundation in English, with a very easy and pleasant one of the advantages of this application is a comprehensive overview and can be downloaded for free

2.  yousician

yousician smart applications that can make you smart play an instrument, such as guitar, Piano and Bass, yousician apps that I recommend for you music lovers and want to learn easy and fun, and not just for the new study, but the application yousician can be used by music teacher to give lessons to his students, if you want to use a full-featured application yousician you require to use yousician Premium.

3. Gojek apk


smart application next is gojek gojek an application service delivery / transportation by motorcycle taxi motorcycle and car anywhere and for anyone who needs the application gojek you can use to deliver goods, to buy drugs, order something just by using this app, unfortunately this application only provided his services in the country of Indonesia

4. Whaff Rewards


The next application is smart to get free money by using applications whaff rewards, whaff is based applications (PPD) means that you will be given a reward dollars when you download the applications in the menu whaff reawards example, premium pick and pick whaff.

very easy to use this application you only need to download in Goole PlayStore and login with facebook account, after successful do not forget to enter the invitation code: CF30399 to get your first dollar,
for now the smart application can only be used on Android based phones.

5. Paypal


paypal smartest app for you who want to trade with easier and safer, with PayPal you can make payments or receive payments from transactions that you do, it is very easy and safe, I highly recommend this app

That’s a smart application that must be present on the smartphone you have with the app you will be more intelligent and easy to access a variety of new things.

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